Steven Gaynor

Management professional with a history in construction and commercial building products, skilled in creating and developing solutions.  Special interest and experience in projects with the goal of satisfying an under-defined need in uncertain environments.  Program Manager / Product Manager  - Trespa North America Ltd.                          July 2011 – Present Special Projects Manager / Application Specialist - Trespa North America Ltd.  Sept 2009 – July 2011  Project Manager - Construction - Trespa North America Ltd.                                      May 2006    – Sept 2009 Project Engineer – General Contracting  – Bilbro Inc                                                 Feb 2005     Jan 2006
Project Manager – Waterproofing Subcontrator – Alcala Company                          May 2003     – Feb 2005 Education: 2002 - BS at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Industrial Engineering and Management 2012 - MBA at SDSU in Entrepreneurship. Business DevelopmentSituation: Segment pivot needed to align with restructured organization  Action: Organized customer reachout; Developed & implemented processes based on customer needs. Instituted feedback loops at key points for monitoring & improvement. 
Result: Introduction of a new channel.  Planned, organized, and managed elimination of direct service to original customer segment by transitioning to indirect channel. Situation: “Direct to Installer” program in decline from ($9.5M to $2.4M in 36 months) with dissatisfied customers and employees. 
Action: Recruited and led a team of volunteers from sales, accounting, logistics, project management to map new processes.Reduced barriers to sale and internal friction by eliminating redundant and low value items in the critical path. Conducted in-person interviews with carefully selected customers.   
Result: New customer-focused process with ownership by participating employees. Cross departmental participation reduced expected friction in implementation and eased adoption effort. Notable metrics included a decrease in proposal process lead time by over 50% as well as taking average credit review from 4 days to 24 hours. Sales through this channel increased from $2.4M to $7.2M in 12 months.

Situation: Multinational Architecture firm removed company’s primary product from their approved list reducing average yearly sales with this firm from over $1M to less than $50K.   Action: Organized sales teams in different regions to collect data confirming decision and provide insight. Initiated reachout to schedule meeting with decision makers and influencers.  Lead team through preparation of topics and onsite meeting.
Result: Successfully resolved issues. Through a two sided agreement, we received commitment that our product would be added into approved products and detail database nationwide.  Sales team successfully targeting new projects from this firm.   
Process & Organizational Management
Situation: Create a department, where none existed, to fill technical and compliance needs of restructured organization Action: Starting with employees closest to the customer, collected input on perceived needs. Developed plan for board approval. Hired from within the organization. Created charter, goals, plans and procedures with feedback loops for continuous improvement.
Result: Established a fully functioning technical services department with continuous 1 and 2 year goals that are both aligned with the current organization and designed to adapt to future needs.Internal and External customer satisfaction levels have grown measurably.

Situation: Drafting & shop drawing department resource constraint. Increase in productivity needed with same resources.
Action: Worked with employees to generate ideas. Identified unskilled parts of the drafting process. Developed a plan to address those through low-cost outsourcing.
Retrained internal employees to focus on the skilled tasks, and their value-add. 
Result: Drafting department productivity increased by over 150% and employee satisfaction increased as they increasingly identified with the higher level skills they brought to their job.

Product DevelopmentSituation: Board of Directors identified need for a product change to address regulation changes
​Action: Lead team of internal and external resources to conduct customer surveys, material & design research, engineering, testing, marketing plan & patent application Result: Developed product that achieved high praise from customers, reduced material cost by over 30%, reduced expected labor costs by 15%, and increased water performance in Rainscreen Testing AAMA 509 by over 70% without reducing the beneficial effects of ventilation. Issue Resolution / Project ManagementSituation: Completed project exhibiting potentially dangerous failures. Project retrofit required removal and replacement of all fasteners. Competing engineering limitations prevented direct replacement of fasteners.
Action: Lead a project team consisting of internal and external members to immediately identify and implement safety measures and short term solutions, analysis of the problem, destructive forensic investigation, and development of long term solutions. Serves as primary liaison and negotiator with building owners. Result: Total expense of remediation reduced from $750,000 to $250,000. Estimated schedule (and tenant disruption) reduced from 6 months to 2 months. Achieved full cooperation from the building owners and retrieved half of the cost of remediation from other parties involved without litigation or mediation.